Virtual Bookkeeping Objections and Replies

Remote or Virtual Bookkeeping is not a new concept.  In fact, it has been around for more than a decade.  The recent advances in technology coupled with the growth of cloud-based solutions providers has inevitably opened up more opportunities for companies (even with complex financial systems) to move online and access support from top-of-the-line bookkeeping and accounting firms regardless of their location.

Many business owners and pastors, however, have been hesitant to make the transition away from an in-house bookkeeper.  And the list of reasons could be a mile long – but they boil down to a few common objections:

1. Work Quality – “I won’t know that work is being done if I cannot see my employee.”

Now, just because an employee is sitting in your office, does not mean work is being done.  How many hours do employers pay for facebook access, online gambling, checking personal e-mails, and more?  The real test of whether your bookkeeper is doing their job, however, is in the performance of your company or church.  And with virtual bookkeepers, you no longer have to provide the desk…or the chair…or a computer…or the training…or the employer taxes.  If you still worry whether work is being completed, online software (like Quickbooks Online) include a login record and audit trail so you can see when your bookkeeper logs in and what they are doing.

2. Accessibility – “What if I have a quick question? With an employee, I can simply walk down the hall and ask (or shout out my office door).”

No problem!  If you don’t want to get out from behind your desk, then you NEED a virtual bookkeeper.  Virtual bookkeepers employ several avenues to communicate.  For example, at Accounting in Motion, you can chat with us, e-mail us, call us, text us, skype us, or even use the built-in communication tools of your online accounting software (where applicable).  You have access to us with no telephone menus, you just might not see our faces every day – but, hey, we’re your bookkeepers, not your spouse.

One word of caution: some virtual bookkeepers charge for communication time, so be sure to discuss that before hiring a virtual bookkeper.

3. Price – “Won’t virtual bookkeepers charge me an arm and a leg?”

Believe it or not – virtual bookkeeping services come in a wide-array of prices.  If you are hiring a virtual CPA, Controller, or other high-level function, you can expect to pay more for that.  At Accounting in Motion, instead of hiring CPA’s in-house, we work with your existing CPA (or help find you one) so you can pay the CPA to do what a CPA does best and let us handle the day-to-day activities for less than the cost of an in-house employee.  Working with outside CPA’s provides protection and accountability for you and for us.

Virtual bookkeeping is a quickly growing field.  Companies or churches that want to continue growing and have consistent, top-of-the-line resources should consider hiring a virtual bookkeeping service.